From 1st August 2013 we  made important changes to improve the Hurley Clinic’s appointments system.

We want to offer our patients the best service we possibly can, and the planned changes took into account  complaints and suggestions from patients. Your main concerns have been difficulties in getting an appointment and difficulties in getting through on the phone. The new system will make it easier to get through on the phone and, if necessary, see someone on the day.

Urgent and less urgent need

From 1st August, if you have a same-day urgent need, please call the Practice and one of our duty GPs will call you back within 2 hours.  They will assess you and either advise you over the phone, or book an appointment the same day to see them.

You do not need to queue up in the morning in order to be assessed the same day for an urgent problem.  Nor do you need to ring up at 8am, as we shall have a team working throughout the day to handle same-day need.

If you wish see a GP with a non-urgent need, you will be able to book an appointment up to a month ahead.


  • Won’t I have to wait for weeks to see a GP?
  • We anticipate that, with the planned changes described above, the wait to see a GP will be significantly reduced.
  • What about seeing my doctor of choice?
    Many of our doctors work part-time, so there can be quite a wait to see them. We recommend that you identify a second member of the GP team who you would be happy to see should your regular GP not have an appointment within the required time.
  • Should I queue outside for 8.00am opening to ensure that I am seen on the same day?
    There is no need to attend the Hurley Clinic first thing in the morning or to queue outside. You can contact us by telephone and our Duty GP will call you back within 2 hours to assess any urgent medical problem.
  • What if the phones are busy?
    Our peak time on the phones is currently the first hour of the day. That has been because of the difficulties patients have had to get an appointment. With our new system you will not need to ring first thing.  You can ring throughout the day.


Patient  Access allows patients to communicate with the surgery via the internet. Patients can book and manage their appointments online and also request repeat medication. To be fully set up to use this facility you need to come in to reception to get a username and password

Instructions:  When viewing available appointments, choose the option “prebookables” to see all the available slots for a GP.  Please note that certain types of appointments should be with a Nurse. These are for Ear syringing, Travel vaccinations, Child Immunisations and Contraception (Depo/Coil fitting).  If this is the case you will need to contact the surgery to book the appointment.  Do note that the Hurley Clinic may have to re-arrange your online appointment  if this is the case.

Patient Access also allows you to order repeat medication and update your details. As from 1st April 2016 you can view more information on your medical record such as test results and diagnosis.  You will need to fill in a special form to apply for this access.  Please come into reception and the receptionist will provide you with all the information you need to get this done.